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Oct 08

Here’s What ‘Destiny 2’ Needs To Add In Its ‘Curse Of Osiris’ Expansion

By Raremattered | Destiny 2


Yesterday, Bungie Game Director Christopher Barret took to Twitter to ask a question: “What would you most like to see in the first [Destiny 2] expansion?” Despite having 29K followers, the query prompted over 2.7K replies from fans looking to give their input. Quite the ratio.

I’m lucky enough to have a somewhat louder megaphone. I thought I’d use my platform here to describe what I’m hoping to see in the Curse of Osiris expansion, given my extensive time with Destiny 2 so far, and the fact that I’ve played every Destiny 1 DLC and expansion to date.

In my view, some of the suggestions I’ve read are too obvious (more loot!), or issues that should be addressed before the expansion ever arrives (better Strike rewards!). I’m going to focus on larger scale issues/items that seem like they could be addressed/added in DLC.

Something Prison of Elders-ish

I don’t mean literally the return of Prison of Elders, but I really did like the House of Wolves expansion because it introduced something new to the game. Prison of Elders, unlike a raid, was an endgame activity that players of all levels could partake in. I would love to see just something new added to the game, a totally new type of activity separate from what we’ve seen before. Not just new missions and strikes and a Mercury raid. What comes to mind immediately is some sort of “endless dungeon” type activity where players can enter some sort of Vex infinite reality loop and keep fighting bad guys who get progressively harder and harder until everyone wipes. Loot is rewarded based on how far you get. That’s just one idea, but you get what I mean, just a totally different type of activity.


The Return of Secrets

While Destiny 2 certainly has more secrets than Destiny 1 did at launch (other than “the search for the missing story”), weirdly, we’ve moved away from the Taken King era of the game where Destiny was loaded with fun mysteries to be solved by the community. We have no Black Spindle secret quest, no Sleeper Simulant hunt. None of the billion little mysteries that infected every inch of the Dreadnaught. I really would like to see more of those return, as I thought they were a positive addition to the game that seem to have been scaled back and reduced to things like finding giant balls in the Tower or glowing blue on the Farm.

Ranked PvP Play

Can I suggest something that I probably won’t even play? Sure, why not. I get that Destiny 2 is trying to be more accessible to players, but if you’re going to have an ultra-competitive activity like Trials of the Nine, I simply don’t understand why ranked play is also not a part of the game. The competitive PvP list is essentially ranked play minus the ranks. I don’t see the harm in giving the hardcore PvP community what they’ve wanted since Halo, a chance to climb the ranks and prove they’re the best, not just with a 7-win Trials card that some top players can sleepwalk through at this point. There doesn’t even have to be special loot for this, just add ranks to a single playlist, and delight a portion of the fanbase. It really costs nothing.


A Redesigned Vault

It boggles my mind how bad the vault in Destiny 2 continues to be. Sure, it’s bigger, though still not big enough if you want to collect every weapon and armor set in the game, but it’s a disorganized mess, and it’s ridiculous that third party apps are able to better manage the vault than the game itself. This may be relatively low on the priority list, but given how important gear acquisition and storage is to the game, I think it’s a more important issue that people realize.

A Different Kind of Endgame Grind

No, I do not agree with the people saying that Destiny needs to return to having randomized rolls to increase the endgame grind. I do not miss that, nor do I miss grinding to unlock the perks on a weapon or piece of armor. I like the new progression system with the token vendors and weekly Luminous Engrams. I want all of that to stay. However, I think there are other ways to reward players for continuing to play without bogging down the game itself. I have an idea where if you say, got X number of kills with a certain weapon, you’d unlock a cosmetic slot for it where you could add designs or emblems or something to it, and you could grind to unlock more of those. Or if you got X amount of experience while wearing an armor set, it allowed you to add it to a transmorg collection, and you could do this with a bunch of armor to try and build up an armory where you could change the appearance of any item, and turn it into anything else. Those are my cosmetic-based ideas, but I think there’s a lot to work with here that does not involve reverting to the horrible grinds of Destiny 1.

I have more ideas, but these were my major ones. Some of these are probably far too late to implement, and maybe Bungie really is just looking for suggestions like “exotic swords!” but I did my best. Let me know your own thoughts on Twitter.

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